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40th International Deep-Drawing Research Group Conference 2021 - Virtual

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Digital Technologies in Sheet Metal Forming

The 40th International Deep-Drawing Research Group Conference will be held as a pure virtual conference. 

Topics & Sessions of the 40th IDDRG 2021 - Virtual

No. Topic / Mini Symposia

Flexible processes in mechanical joining

Organized by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marion Merklein (FAU)
Organized by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Brosius (TU Dresden)
Organized by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerson Meschut (University of Paderborn)


Press hardening, manufacturing issues

Organized by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Verena Kräusel (TU Chemnitz)


Enhanced simulation using thick shells and elastic tools

Organized by Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Haufe (Dynamore GmbH)


Springback simulation and compensation

Organized by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Volk (TU Munich)


Damage, forming limits and sheared edge formability

Organized by Dr. -Ing. Rickmer Meya (TU Dortmund)


Digital techniques in material characterization / Material models, full and small scale testing

Organized by the Institute for Metal Forming Technology, University of Stuttgart


Digitalization in tooling and intelligent tools

Organized by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Peter Groche (TU Darmstadt)


Smart production technologies & machine learning

Organized by the Institute for Metal Forming Technology, University of Stuttgart


Robust process design and adaptive control

Organized by Prof. Dr. Pavel Hora (ETH Zürich) & Dr. Eisso Atzema (Tata Steel)


Prediction and control of product and assembly properties

Organized by the Institute for Metal Forming Technology, University of Stuttgart

as of May 3rd, 2021.

Important Dates for Submission

Deadline specification Date
Abstract - Submission (Scientific Paper)
until February 21, 2021
Abstract - Submission (Presentation/Poster Only)

until March 31, 2021
Extendend until April 06, 2021

Abstract - Notification of acceptance February 28, 2021
Scientific Paper - Submission

until March 31, 2021
Extended until April 06, 2021

Scientific Paper - Notification of review results End of April 2021
Scientific Paper - Final Submission (after review) until May 09, 2021
Presentation - Submission
(Scientific Paper / Presentation Only)
until June 04, 2021

Conference June 21 - July 02, 2021

Organizing Committee

Mathias Liewald, Chair

Celalettin Karadogan, Co-Chair

Maxim Beck, Organizing Office

Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee of the IDDRG 2021 - Virtual*
Asnafi, N. (Sweden)  Lee, M. (Korea)
Banabic, D. (Romania) Li, D. (China)
Barlat, F. (South Korea) Liewald, M. (Germany) 
Behrens, B.-A. (Germany)  Manach, PY. (France)
Brosius, A. (Germany) Martins, P. (Portugal)
Bruschi, S. (Italy) Merklein, M. (Germany)
Chen, F-K (Taiwan) Mohr, D. (Switzerland)
Deng, Z. (USA) Music, O. (Turkey)
Gantar, G. (Solvenia) Narasimhan, K. (India)
Ghiotti, A. (Italy) Peura, P. (Finland)
Golovashchenko, S. (USA) Rolfe, B. (Australia)
Green, D. (Canada) Saenz de Argandoña, E . (Spain)
Groche, P. (Germany) Santos, A. D. (Portugal)
Hama, T. (Japan) Sigvant, M. (Sweden)
Hance, B. (USA) Steglich, D. (Germany)
Haufe, A. (Germany) Stoughton, T. (USA)
Havinga, J. (The Netherlands) Tekkaya, A. E. (Germany)
Hazrati, J. (The Netherlands) Thuillier, S. (France)
Hirt, G. (Germany) Tisza, M. (Hungary)
Huh, H. (South Korea) Uthaisangsuk, V. (Thailand)
Hora, P. (Switzerland) van den Boogaard, A.H. (The Netherlands)
Karadogan, C. (Germany)  van Tyne, C. (USA)
Kim, H. (USA) Volk, W. (Germany) 
Kim, J.H. (Korea) Wagner, L. (Austria)
Kinsey, B. (USA) Worswick, M. (Canada) 
Korkolis, Y. (USA) Yoon, JW (Korea/Australia)
Kräusel, V. (Germany) Yoshida, F. (Japan)
Kuwabara, T. (Japan) Yoshida, Y. (Japan)
Langerak, N. (The Netherlands) Zhang, S.H. (China)

*as of 14 January 2021


The IDDRG (International Deep Drawing Research Group) was started in the late 1950's as an organization of national groups devoted to the study of sheet metal forming including forming processes, materials, formability issues, tooling, tribology and many other interesting aspects of sheet metal forming research and industrial practices.

The IDDRG conference is a gathering for the world's leading production specialists and researchers from all over the world for fruitful discussions on challenging technical topics in sheet metal forming technology.

The conference is designed to provide a rich environment for knowledge development, discussions and interactions.



IDDRG 2021 Organizing Committee

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